Enter Air B737-800

I’d love to see this livery for the Boeing 737-800!
Photo by Artur Kita from www.planespotters.net


Hi @dasabel100, can I ask why you have posted in General. You know the drill, features requests go in “features”.

Anyway nice request

Yeah, I got demoted to new user.


This has no winglets?!?!? What is this madness?


Should I replace it with a winglet one?

Nah. It’s good to have variety.

Argh. Where have my likes gone to?

Other people.

That’s the only logical answer I guess

I liked classic B738. Interessted on this livery.

W Saharklets

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I picture per request. That means if there is one on the original post, don’t post another one please!

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Very plain, it looks like a business jet livery, but it looks nice :P

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