ENSB gate screenshot


I just need a quick favour. My sub just ran out and I won’t renew it for several days due to exams.

Could someone please post a screenshot of the ENSB (Longyearbyen Airport) parking spots in the gate selection menu. This is for a unique event I am planning.


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Here you go :) …is this right?

Perfect - thanks!


Hope you get a other attendee to join you on your event! Literally just 1 attendee 😂. I imagine you’ll make more timings, or ask them to spawn in and taxi to a specific area.

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That’s the plan - btw can the “Gate” spot fit a 777-200F - just wondering

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Sadly not :(

The airport supports GA and a 737 service to Tromso.

And a few flights to Oslo a week

Drat it - hmmmm, might have to rethink the airport.

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A simple thing off Flightradar24

So they serve flights to Tromso and Oslo via public commercial flights.

yeah - i assumed given its runway length being long enough for a 777 - that it might be ok - this is one of the reasons the gate restrictions are a pain

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Yes. Looking into it more they serve a commercial flight roughly every 45 minutes during the day. The service to Tromso (SAS), and Oslo (SAS, Norwegian)

Ok…TBM it is then…

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I imagine that would be the best idea since of how north this field it.

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Right - decision made…

this can be closed now…

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Good luck and Merry Flying! 🤙

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