ENRS (Røst) 🇳🇴 misplaced


I was attempting to prepare a small regional route in Norway from Røst to Bodo.
It turns out the airport is in the middle of … the ocean.
ENRS is actually in 3D so thanks to the editor ( @Elefanths ) but it has to be replaced on the island.


Comparing it to the airport on FR24, the airport is indeed in the right place - however its in a swampy area which when Infinite Flight got the satellite imagery for the area - the ground around it must have been underwater.

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So first carrier approved? 🤭


Your not wrong there


This is an image I found, it seems like you could be correct.


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The airport exists for sure haha

It’s is a problem with the scenery. The airport is in the location it is in real life, so I can’t change it. Thanks for visiting tho!

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The only part of the scenery we have in infinite flight is about what is in this read circle. That’s why it looks like the airport is on water in infinite flight

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That’s a pity ! Do you know why the scenery isn’t displayed ? Is the island submerged at a certain period of the year ?

I dont know really, but yeah its really weired. I dont think the island is submerged either as it isnt flat, and it would be weired to build an airport there if it was submerged sometimes.

I guess the imagery is incorrect then.

Anyways, thank you for editing this airport

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Thanks for visiting mate!

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