Enroute ATC Feature for certain routes

i have thought much about this feature of having enroute atc like they do in real life aviation where you are handed of to departure and centre freqs for the whole of your flight. I think this would be a fantastic way to bring more and more IFATC services to the sim. what are all your thoughts on it


I’m sure this idea has been talked about before.

This has been discussed before. It was removed for a reason and may return in a future update.


It was removed because most people won’t be at the controls for a large majority of their flight. That, and we would need several thousand controllers 24/7.



Well, not thousands. Like approach and tower, ATC “Captains” (officer +1?) could open the airspace sector that they wish.

Actually, I think it would be thousands 😂. My math is off by a factor of 100.

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