Enraged Spirit Passenger Claims Bomb in Bag After $50 Fee

A man was so enraged over being charged a $50 bag fee at LaGuardia Airport on Saturday, he told an airline employee to keep the bag – and, oh, there’s a bomb in it.

John Park, 70, was checking in at a Spirit Airlines counter in Terminal B around 7 a.m., on his way to visit his brother in Detroit, when he was informed about the fee to check his baggage.

Park refused to pay, Port Authority cops said.

After arguing with the ticket agent, Park stormed off leaving the bag behind, police said. When the ticket agent said he couldn’t simply abandon the bag, Park said there was a bomb inside.

As a result, flights were diverted from LGA’s Terminal B as well as closure at multiple security checkpoints. Travelers were stuck either outside the terminal or in aircraft. Around 9:30AM, Terminal B was opened with an all clear.



Have any other info to add? Seems as if just a sentence and a link

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Added some more information about it.

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Out of all the things he can say, he chooses to say I have a Bomb at a busy airport.


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Did it have to be a spirit airlines passenger?


I hate hearing this sort of thing happening, but I feel the “hidden” fees for these LCCs need to be more clearly stated during booking. And if the passenger gets it wrong, then obviously they should have weighed their bags earlier or simply fly a full service airline - or even better, pay for the baggage fee in a booking! How this guy dealt with it is another story… just wow.

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Thats one way to get your bag blown up by NYPD


Over $50 the airport suffered at massive loss of being closed for so long. My god, this is why I hate Spirit Airlines.

All because a passenger didn’t want to pay $50

Blame the passenger not the airline. They very clearly spell out their fees. Just because some nimrod pax refuses to pay a fee does not mean the airline I should at fault. Check your sources before blaming.

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BWAHAHAHAHAHA that passenger needs to do stand up comedy in the category of “dark humor.”


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