Enquiry about what to do on Displaced Thresholds

So I believe this has happened in Advanced once or twice before (but I have no evidence against the ATC and I don’t hate him for this) but I just want to ask the Community, do I treat the displaced threshold as a taxiway and maintain my ground speed at 35 knots or below, or do I takeoff right from the Displaced Threshold? I feel like the latter may be wrong but correct me if I’m wrong as I usually taxi down the Displaced Threshold and then increase my throttle only when I reach the runway… Oh yes for the ATC part, I was told to “takeoff” (no, not immediate takeoff) while taxiing on the Displaced Threshold…

As far as I know, the displaced threshold is, in most of the cases for landing purposes.
For example, at KSAN, there is a displaced threshold because the incoming airplanes would be too low and might hit a building if the threshold was at the beginning of the runway.
But, you can still taxi to “full length” (at the beginning of the runway" and take-off from there, as the distance between the threshold and the runway edge is still a part of the RWY.
Here is an more precise information:

(EDIT) Actually, there are two types of these. The “taxiway aligned with the RWY” and the “displaced threshold” see pictures
@Tyler_Shelton might be able to confirm that :)


I think I still do the same for both types of DTs

Actually I’m not sure if those are clearly different in IF… Never paid attention to that.
Are they @Kilt_McHaggis?

KPMD has yellow chevron before the runways t 04 and 07

Depends on the AC type, his weight, winds…

Displaced thresholds are usually used because of obstacle clearance on the approach, and to get a little more clearance they displace the threshold.

Departing aircraft can just take off as normal in these areas.

Is it correct that displaced thresholds are sometimes parts of runway that can’t stand the weight of the aircraft anymore?

Yes that is correct

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Blastpads and Displacement Thresholds are set different when rendering an IF airport. DT should have arrows to help distinguish and BP should have chevrons. We have been asked not to put these in. One can only assume that Philippe will automatically render these at some point in the future.


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Hmmm might be because there is no taxiway going directly to the threshold…

There’s actually taxiways which lead to the DT at 20R in WSSS (yes, what else would I even use to compare? Lol) Taxiways W1 and W2 are entry points whereas Taxiway W3 (which leads directly to the runway) is a RET (Rapid Exit Taxiway)…

Will be removed in the next update.

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