Enough Is Enough

Change is hard and not everyone likes change but life changes. Sometimes it’s best to just pack it up. Sometimes you can adapt. But just like any change it has its rough points and there are highs and lows. The IFC has gone through a big change recently and we are yet to see if it’s for the better or worse.
Its going to happen and it’s a big thing so all of us should reevaluate what’s important to us in the ifc and what is our place here.

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Thanks it’s alright. Like @Balloonchaser said it is because of school but also because of everyone leaving. Ima still play IF because it is a great app.


I’ll just bring my 2 cents here since after all I am co-founder of IF so anything that happens on our social media and forum is ultimately my co-responsibility:

  • We have a diverse audience in term of age and origin. What is funny/sarcastic to one can easily be offensive to other.
  • We have tried at times to make our comments/social media responses more fun/snappy (instead of giving you generic bland responses) … sometimes we nailed it, some other times it was meh and in some rare occasion (some of them pointed out by the OP) we completely missed the mark and the original intent was lost to most readers. We addressed this internally and are more careful with the way we can come across (but I can’t guaranty that our snark will always be on point).
  • If we look at actual data (instead of our personal experiences / feelings), the IFC is globally in very good shape and overall the conversations are much more respectful and informative than they use to be at the beginning.
  • I personally investigate at random some community related issues and I can assure you that 99.999999% of the time where someone claim to have been treated unfairly, they have not. Our team spends countless hours resolving issues and when something was indeed unfair, it is usually solved swiftly. We take suspension/bans very seriously; we only use those tools as very last resort when there have been a clear breach of our code of conduct or terms of services.

I hope this clarify some things.

As always thank you for the feedback.


Surprised the mods haven’t closed this yet because they don’t seem to like feedback


I know this isn’t in a specific channel or topic but just go with it here, just once.

This topic makes me sad.

I hate hearing that people are having issues with the community and higher-ups. I honestly have met some of my best friends through this forum and find it one of the easiest places to talk to people. I would hate to see it corrupted and fall apart.

My feedback. NOT only for the staff and moderation team but also the community as a whole:

We’re here to have FUN and to succeed in that goal we need to come together and solve our issues as a whole.
Think about how sad this Simulator would be if it were JUST you in the middle of nowhere. NO ONE to talk to, NO ONE to share an interest with, just YOU.

Feedback specifically for @staff and @moderators :
The customers are a HUGE part of the business, right? In order to listen to the customer, you need to have a way to “hear” them right? So why not have a thread specifically for feedback. It could be anything from just organizing polls to allowing open conversation. But this would allow us a convenient place to bring you our issues so that you can address them how you will. That would be a start. (Not just #meta, more specific than that. If you can make a private chat room that organized topics privately I think that would be tremendously helpful for all of us.). Now you can implement ways to get feedback but where this is really going to come into play and be helpful would be you actually listening to that feedback. Staff and moderators, I leave you with this quote:

“If you support the community, they will support you.” -Jerry Greenfield

Now, feedback for EVERYONE including staff and moderators:

Think about what you’re saying before you do. I know all we see are the usernames and a PFP, but you have to remember that there are real people behind those accounts with real feelings. A lot of people just DON’T take things we say as we intend them to. Being overly sarcastic or vague in a text format can have CATASTROPHIC effects. As we’re seeing here.

If we are ever going to fix this problem and make this the best community it can be we will ALL have to contribute to making it better.

Thank you for listening to my rant. I’m more than happy to discuss but these were just my initial thoughts. And if you’re EVER feeling left out or threatened in ANY way my messages are open, please reach out.

Thanks all, Colton


We gather in a community of ~40,000 members. These members come from all areas of the world and comprise of a wide variety of ages and interests.

While some old friends move on - there’s always room to meet and make new friends.

Getting involved in VAs and VOs are a great way to meet new people. You can find a great VA or VO that interests you by searching the IFVARB VA/VO Database. Another great team to join is the Infinite Flight ATC Group!

I would also like to make it known that my PM box is open. If you feel left out and looking for a group of people to join and interact with; let me know - I’ll be happy to direct you to a good/safe group for you to enhance your Infinite Flight experience!


I’ve never personally ran into an issue so I was VERY shocked to see this topic in the first place. So yes I believe that your community is amazing, that being said there are some places that it could be improved to keep it that way. (I went more into that in my other post on here) But you understand what I’m saying?

YES! VAs and VOs are an AMAZING way to not only find people with the same interests but honestly some REAL friends!

I did not expect to see this kinda of topic when I woke up but I’ll say one thing…

Yes the community is changing, it has to for it to stay “alive” - and unfortunately there will be unintended consequences - but I do agree with the fact that the IFC has become rather constricted.


Yep, this is disappointingly true. I can’t say I have been on IFC for too long, but I can attest to the fact that IFC isn’t as welcoming as when I started. I have experienced many of the things you mentioned above, especially the passive aggressive comments, and the inability to listen to new ideas.


I am glad this has been said. I am glad I just spent the last hour reading every single one of these posts. The IFC has changed and with it so have the staff and the respect for us. Over time we have been manipulated to even pick out the smallest things in each other. Pick our and be rude if someone has come back to the community saying they are ‘attention’ seeking and ‘spamming’ the forum. I see everyday people tell others aggressively and rudely OI MATE WRONG CATEGORY.

I once had respect for the IFC at the start there was banter and we could have fun with each other, share times as true avgeeks, as friends. Yet this forum has changed into a sort of military camp and I begin to feel this isn’t the right forum for me.

I really applaud you @ran not only did you risk your TL3 but you had the courage to do what none of us could do. And I now have a lot of respect for you! Things need to change and if they don’t I will be packing my bag. We are stuck in this cycle Staff have put us in, where we care about the forum more then each other. We need to break free and only then WHEN WE break free will this forum change for the better. We must put up a fight.

Change is needed, I expect results.

A Concerned member.

jasonrosewell you may not have meant what you said today, and that’s ok. BUT IT IS NEVER right to use sarcasm on a customer. It belittles them heavily. Think about this, it’s time for the fun and games to stop.


You got my back mate, and very well said!!! Yeah there is a really disgusting culture in the team which needs change for the better so we can have well minded community and not have a segregating environment. Also moderators abuse their powers to shut people down which totally not ok! Another some ATC on expert abuse their powers to bully people by dm them and just completely harass them.

I hope this community changes its attitude for the better!


I wouldn’t say disgusting culture… but I definitely think improvements would be nice for the overall community. I’m sleepy right now, so I’ll reply later in the morning.

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This is just incorrect.

Most of the times I have observed this type of issue, what the person think is “feedback” is no more than a rant on things that have been addressed countless times. Other times such threads gets closed because it has run its course and no more new information is being added.

If you have specific instance where constructive and respectful feedback was given and topic was closed for no reason, please send it my way.


Some ATC on expert is disgusting, that’s why I mentioned it. And when you talk to some staff about the situation they just completely take it as a joke, sometimes be sarcastic and pretend that atc aren’t in the wrong. Btw totally agree that there is always room for improvement.

Wish you a good night 👋


main reason why I am not active as often on the IFC as often tbh

If you have an issue with an IFATC controller, contact @Tyler_Shelton with the name of controller(s) and any relevant replays, screenshots, or videos. I promise he’ll take care of it (and he has before).


I can definitely understand where most are coming from here. However, I will just point out that although the IFC has it ups and downs, so does everything, and the IFC is one of the best communities. I have had many a discussion with a friend of mine - not on the IFC or IF or aviation at all - about some of the differences between the IFC and some of the forums he is on. A common trend I have noticed is that this is actually quite relaxed. You think it’s bad that staff make slightly sarcastic comments that could be taken the wrong way, when really they’re just trying to change it up a bit? Well, on many of those other forums, you are not allowed to DM a mod! You must ask them publically prior to doing so. They also have very over complicated categories and sub categories and sub sub sub categories etc. You get banned or suspended for spam for using an emoji. And a lot of other over the top rules.

My point is that the IFC is actually a very good balance between rules and chaos. I mean, if you thought the IFC was taking away from your ree speech, imagine not being allowed to PM a mod, or asking, and being told “no, I’m to busy”. My friend said he actually saw that happen to someome.

Atleast on here, you can create these topics. @ran, it is great that you had the courage to create this, provide so much evidence and thoughts, and risk your TL3 to raise some of these points. 👍


I agree with some of the points. The rapid removal of farewell post saddens me. I understand that IF wants to make the forum looks clean, but can these post stay a bit longer? People left IF due to a lot of reasons. It can be personal or even within their family. Why such little time is given to their final post on the forum? Removing such post swiftly did very successful in creating a fine image, but at least for me, I am feeling bad coz I feel IF weighs thier image over users.

Talking about censorship, the recent proposed change on user name is a typical example. I understand there is unprecedented polarisation in politics. I experienced it too in my own hometown. But there is no such big red line between politics and other stuff. Such way of course can keep the forum away from politics but what about some incident irl. The political censorship on Cathay Pacific from China, the “5-1 policies on international flight” which sparked disputes between US and China are the tip of the iceberg. Will our real world aviation category eventually banning such issue be raised only due to the fact that they are related to politics?

To second this, I often get “appeals” sent to my instagram, twitter or IFC account. I always go ask mods, staff involved what happened. Same stats as Philippe in terms of justification for the action the mod/staff took.

As to the comments like “everyone is leaving”, everyone is 100%, that’s clearly not the case. Some people may be leaving, but we unfortunately cannot satisfy everyone. And giving some specifics so we can address the issues would help.
There’s quite a few messages here mentioning unnamed users, or vague events. As Philippe said, we try to, as much as we humanly can, go by data, not feelings.