Enough Is Enough

Well, they’re a business and a crucial aspect of running a successful business is having a well rounded, friendly and knowledgeable customer service staff. I personally, am not one who necessarily has the best knowledge of IF’s customer service base but the few times that I had issues with my subscription back when I used IF, the staff took care of the issue within a few minutes.

@ran, This was a much needed topic. While some have been saying “it’s immature to be posting such topics as these”, if you ask me, its exactly the opposite. It takes extreme amounts of courage, knowing that you’ll receive backlash, which ultimately, displays extreme maturity.
I honestly, 100% agree with the points you have made here today. From January 2019 (when in joined IFC on a different account) to now, the overall friendliness on the IFC has gone down significantly. (I’m not here to bash anyone. I’m sure you’re all wonderful people, I’m just talking about the overall vibe that I feel on here.) The closest thing to compare with what has happened on here is what many witnessed on the once extremely popular sub-reddit, r/Animemes. Feel free to shot me a PM for a detailed comparison.

The points the ran made here today are legitimate. While the people involved may be great people, the overall system and style of the way many things have been managed on the IFC and in some social media threads for IF, needs a serious restructuring. While the return to a pre-2020 IF and IFC might be out of the question, we should strive to return to something similar.

My apologizes for the long and somewhat unproductive comment (it’s late and I’m tired.) On that note, I am always willing to have a civilized conversation with anyone who has questions about my comment or would like to present an opposing opinion, so feel free to send me a PM if you want to discuss.


Also I’m not saying VIVI REVOLUTIONARIES, but just add more fun less strict rules for Screen Shots and Video, make some changes

Like nametags really??? Is it really that important

Like I pay for IF, don’t get me from BIG PROPS to IFATC AND DEVS, but give me some freedom


I feel like with every post i’ve made, just ANYTHING was wrong, like the order of the title, or this is in the wrong place, or just something. Even though it’s small mistakes it gets pretty annoying after a while. For example if i’m making a fly out in Anchorage I would maybe put @PANC 2000Z because I looked at an old flyout that was formatted that way, but then they tell me to change it to 2000Z @PANC. It’s so small and doesn’t even matter because everyone knows what the title means. It just makes you feel very… controlled, like TOO MUCH.


Yeah, everyone is a mini mod, Flagging EVREY SINGE POST THAT HAS O N E thing wrong

well i kinda understand it because no one wants to see a picture full of names right ?

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There’s plenty of reasons why people leave the Infinite Flight Community

  • Microsoft Flight Sim 2020
  • School starting back up
  • Fancy new games popping up in the market
  • New interests
  • Family and Friends
  • Life in general

However due to recent reasoning… I do agree that these bulletpoints can also be added to the list above:

  • Political tensions
  • Racial tensions
  • Firm disagreements with staff or other users of the community and their actions
  • Concerns about forum safety and the whole safeguarding aspect

Over the past few weeks we have seen the Infinite Flight Community pull together both from the users of the community; but also from the staff side of things. I notice that many users here call out the staff as a group. I would beg to ask what you have against any other staff member except Jason. @MishaCamp has been hard at work to improve this community through leading a staff series called the ‘Community Refresh’. This refresh has the upmost goal of improving the quality of the Infinite Flight Community for all users of all shapes, sizes, colors and creeds of life. On top of that, the team from Infinite Flight has put together a Safeguarding Group. You can read about this group in depth here - but in short, the goal of it is to ensure the safety of children and vulnerable persons on the online flight simulator platform and here on the community forum. It has been stated that if you ever feel that you are in immediate danger that you can message this group for a serious investigation and thorough process into ensuring your safety in upheld here on the IFC.

Here’s a few examples of Misha’s work to improve the community:

Of course this isn’t just occurring on our community forum. The world that we live in is facing many global issues right now and it’s true that something does need to be done. But while I stand with you guys in this peaceful revolution of the community forum - know that if you have issues with a specific user of our community; Private Message them and seek through your issues and differences to find a common ground. If you feel that they aren’t listening to your feedback… Send it through our amazing @moderators! Our community moderators are trained and always willing to listen and facilitate any tensions or hard feelings within our community. Both the Staff and Moderation Team are here for you with the common interest of making your game and forum experience better.

With conclusion, I leave you with this quote from John F. Kennedy


Just as we all listen to the staff team - what’s stopping the staff team from listening to us? I’m sure they are, but threads like this one are sometimes crucial in moments of need and grief. They help make peaceful revolution possible when most feel that the only option is revolution and protest. If you ever feel so angry at the forum that you are thinking of leaving ‘in protest’, think back to the steps that I aligned above. As a community, we will never fully think eye-to-eye with each other - but in times like these, we truly need to pull even closer together and interact as a family.

That’s what we are all apart of - The Infinite Flight Family


The community needs to get itself together. So many users have left or are leaving. The community is too divided. Every one of us should work to bring is back together. To become an Infinite Flight forum again.

Ikr the mini moding needs to stop, plus we have way to many mods/regulars on here policing everything people do. Don’t get me wrong I have tones of love for a lot of them but it is just too much sometimes. We should just have misha and like 5 others max


No I’m just saying, why can’t I represent what I want, like what does it have to be my IFC name, even though that’s what I have, and my call sign most the time is IFHUBCEO because Represent

And it’s especially annoying when instead of responding with “oh ill get this gate” or “nice flyout, but i can’t make it” i get like 7 responses: tHeReS a SpAcE bEtwEEn tHe @ and the 2. IT SHOULDN’T MATTER SO MUCH. everyone knows what i mean!


There’s a lot of discussion going on here tonight; here are some of my thoughts on the matter as it pertains to the IFC.

I know the intentions of most folk are meant well, but some observations tend not to take into account the full extent of what’s happening behind the scenes. This isn’t meant to sound elitist or superior, but many of you would be surprised at what we have to deal with on a daily basis. The choices we make are constantly discussed and analyzed by the mod team and/or staff as necessary with plenty of variables involved that may otherwise not be visible to the public eye.

Ultimately, the IFC is what you make of it. As someone who has been here since the forum first went online, I can tell you that the way we approach things from a professional perspective hasn’t changed much (unless set otherwise by policy in response to recurring issues). Mind you, this is the same group of people I’ve known for well over five years now. If you want to facilitate a welcoming community, be the change.

You’d be surprised. A lot of seemingly simple solutions tend to be quite complex when you see the actual underlying problems behind the scenes.

Cheerio. :)


Yeah, like My VO posted a Thread a week back and regulars name gonna name names, asked why I have 2 sites linked I answered and he still didnt getting it, I’m just bewildered, Evreyone is a Mod everyone sees a problem, I make a joke FLAG, I speak something off topic of the Thread FLAG

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I just wanted to add on to this discussion…

I completely agree with you on some of the points that you have addressed throughout this topic. I joined this community back in 2017 and I’ve had my ups and my downs within this community as I’m sure some of you are aware.

I do agree that the atmosphere within the IFC has changed a bit from when I joined in 2017 to where we are now. As a moderator and a long time member of the IFC, I personally want the best for this community, whether I know you personally or I don’t, whether you have been here for 5 days or 5 years.

It comes down to treating each other with the same level of respect that we all want to be treated with and deserved to be treated with. We all share the same passion, so let’s spread the love, take on the feedback, grow and improve as there is always room for improvement.

Have a great day everyone and remember to stay safe!


and I’m still hanging around. 👋🏼 Meandering to another topic now. 😬


I agree @ran. When I used to come here just for tips and tutorials without an account, I would see all the nice discussions going on in the comments section a few years back. Now it’s kinda just full of only mildly nice people and ok discussions.


This is an online forum and there are proper ways to use and structure things. Typically, using the regular format would be a lot easier because we know it includes all the necessary information and so that pilots can easily compare and contrast topics. It’s a lot easier to figure out times, dates and other info when looking at event listings that are all organized the same way.

This isn’t really a big deal though, as right now it seems like we’re trying to focus on the more staff aspect of things. Having a standard method of writing out events isn’t the staff being restrictive, if you choose to use the IFC to publicize your event, then the managers (mods) of the IFC have every right to tell you the proper format to do so. Let’s try to look at things not only from our points of view and maybe try to see it from a staff’s point of view as well.

I go into depth with this event structure thing as well, because it can be compared to other things that may seem restrictive on the IFC. Being on this site isn’t a right, it’s more of a privilege. We do have to take certain things from the staff like organizational things and use them how they’re directed.

Kudos to Misha and all the other community mods in the work they’ve done to implement and use new procedures. Improvements have been made on the IFC, although there’s still plenty of work to be done all around.

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I don’t reply/ post as much but over the 3 years I have been in this community I have seen quality go down a lot. People being more hateful towards others is something I have seen happening happening a lot the past year.
The staff rhetoric has changed a lot compared to 2017… Not gonna say names but I feel like there’s a reason and a name why the community is as divided as it is now.

For this same reason I don’t feel the willingness to come to the community as much and post/ comment, even play the game. Not regretting the decision of cancelling my sub until who knows when… One person might seem like nothing to the “staff” but I know a few people who have cancelled their subs and left for the same reason and I’m sure there’s more to come.


Definitely. I’ve browsed the IFC since late 2017/early 2018, and the mentality from everyone here has gone down significantly. I have a bunch of names in my back pocket (which I also won’t name), and I feel that they need to be removed immediately.

I will always be supportive of the admin team and the simulator (it’s great), but the recent events, from my perspective, need to be addressed.


This kinda really freaked me out a bit, I had the vision that IF
Has the most calm and mannered people I find online. This kinda really gave chills down my spine because it was unexpected, I thought some part of the IFC needed to stop a trend. I hope this topic can really promote a change in the people who make us Infinite-flight-ers because this is the one flight sim I will always stick to


A valid point. At the end of the day the people in control of a business can do whatever they want and if they kill their customer base because of that then that’s what they get. But they can be as sarcastic or mean as they like. All consequences are negative for them and their company.

That said, the IFC is big and users should be careful what they say and how it possibly could be taken. But if a joke is oriented at one person and doesn’t affect anyone else then it’s up to the 2 people if the comment was funny or not and up to the mods if it was appropriate.
But unfortunately some people are mean for the sake of it or hurt someone for personal gain and in a forum for a game there is nothing to be won. Your standing on the IFC doesn’t matter in the real world and as someone who has been a victim of poor behavior I know how much it stinks and how careless or petty some people are over something arbitrary.

Unfortunately there’s no way to stop it, people do as they please with no real world consequences.