Enjoying The View? Part 2

More then a year ago I posted a screenshot of an F22 at really high altitudes with a view over Florida. That original post can be seen here: Enjoying the view? The post has been locked since then because it’s been a long time since the last reply but you can still look at it for context purposes. On the replies of that post, one person suggested that I do it over some more recognizable places like the Swiss Alps. This is (hopefully) exactly what I did. I went to LSGG which is really close to the Alps and did the same thing I did with Florida, fly to a really high altitude then capture a screenshot at the peak altitude in replay mode. It’s worth noting that I’m not the best geography wise so I was going off an airport that was really close to the Alps and then flying towards what looked like them so I apologize if these aren’t the Alps. During this flight I reached a higher peak altitude then I did last time. An altitude of almost 115,000 Feet! Which like last time seems to be well into the Mesosphere which begins at around 80,000 Feet. Enjoy!

Server: None (solo)
Time: Flight was during night the time was altered in the screenshot for cinematic purposes
Route: None this was literally just a flight where I took off, went really high and crashed.


I really like the fog, you can still see it from that high up! And yes, I did enjoy the view.


What is the setting for rendering and … on your phone, sorry I forgot the other one

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I had all of the settings set to max for this plus the visibility being a little low to get the fog effect which I think looked nice. The screenshot was taken as a super resolution screenshot in replay mode.

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lol thats exactly what happend to me XD

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