Enjoying the CRJ

Server: Expert
Route: KSFO to KLAX
Flight Time: 1:00

Passengers boarding and pilots are getting the plane ready for departure

The plane is pushing backing because the airline wants us to leave early

Taking off to the place all these passengers want to be

At 35,000 feet (cruise) and flight attendants serving snacks

Descending into KLAX

Approaching runway 24R in KLAX

CRJ saying hi to some of his fellow planes that are in line to takeoff

Touching down softly onto the runway (I’m very far from the touch down zone lol)

Passengers coming off the plane, getting their bags in the baggage claim place, and then on their way

Bye have a nice day/night! 🙂


I wish it was that way 😭


Flying AA. Cool



No, they fly into 24R quite a lot.

Nice pictures!


Sees the CRJ is American Airlines



haha funi mem

Not American tho
Unless all regionals fly to 24R. Which doesn’t make a lot of sense to me

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Stunning pictures

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i think the crjs have better textures now

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i flew an american crj-700 last week and they didn’t 😥

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yeah delta has better regional service

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Yeah that is true

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American? Being early? That deserves a water salute

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Yeah I guess that want to be on time this time lol

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They don’t all fly there, but they do sometimes. It’s not very rare but it doesn’t happen ALL the time.


Yeah but who does it operate for?
If Delta then that makes sense

Delta doesn’t fly CRJ-700’s from SFO-LAX. Only Murican does

Well I guess they get less traffic on the North side plus COVID has suspended a lot of international flights which land on the north side

Well, I think it’s because 25L is closed mostly.