Enjoying SFO in the unconventional way!


Here´s another Topic about planes. More specifically about takning an X-CUB around the San Francisco and Oakland bay area with heavy traffic in the vicinity. A special Thanks to @Rhys_V for making the low transition possible!

What do you get to see?

Starting off with a Quantas A380 intercepting the 28L localiser whilst passing 1000ft above me.
A SIA A350-900 from Singapore passing overhead.
Transitioning all four runways at KSFO at 1500ft.
United Airlines vs X-CUB.
Landing, Departing, Transitioning, Holding Short, it´s all there…
And a final look back at a great flight!

Thanks for taking a look! Enjoy the Sun and Fun in SFO today and have a great Sunday.

Plane: X-CUB
Server: Expert
Flight Time: 1:00hr


So that’s what was going on during that transition! Hope you enjoyed it Oskar!

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I flew over SFO in the XCub too 😂

Nice! It’s just a very different experience from the usual X to X flights.

Awesome photos! What’s going on with that United 757 though? I can’t tell if it is landing or glitch-floating on the taxiway.

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Glad to see I wasn’t the only one doing this. Beautiful shots Oskar!


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Thanks! The 757 is landing.

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Lovely pictures

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