Enjoying ATC!

Who else loves ATC? Moments like these are fun to see as I set up a parallel departure! Delta 347 heavy (bottom left) was rolling out of runway 09L (On its way to Rome), as Delta 98 Heavy (top right) was departing 09R (On route for an on-time landing at Saint Maarten)! This is what Air Traffic Controlling is all about. You begin to build a respect for real Air Traffic Controllers. The procession and awearness that they have is unbearable, but as keep on practicing I get better with every operation to tolerate the art of controlling. It was a fun day on KATL today on the training server, and look forward to controlling on the expert server in the near future (As I will start my practical test soon)! Squawk VFR and have a great rest of your day!


Glad your enjoying ATC!! I also love it myself!
Definetly one of Infinite Flights Amazing Features!!

I think is always awesome to get respectful pilots! Everytime I control I have noobs just racing to line up, going through each other, etc…😂


Nothing beats the feeling when you first log on and have a message of planes only to have them end up sequenced and following directions.

You may be tempted to quit, but just stick with it. Be sure to come away from every session with something new learned or experienced.


I know how you feel, It always happens!

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Best feeling out there!

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Same problem too when doing ATC

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I had that yesterday. It was awesome.

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