Enjoying an early morning flight in B717-200

Just done a 25min short flight hopping from PHKO of the beautiful Kailua-Kona Island to the equally amazing Kahului Island. Landed on RWY02 of PHOG. This is just my second flight in B717-200 and the first with the Hawaiian Airlines livery. Beautiful livery, though the B717-200’s a bit “different” in handling, especially in its taxing and takeoff phrases. Not sure the reason for that. Not familiar enough with the airplane’s performance profiles, or the flight model needs some further fine tuning? Nonetheless, I did enjoy the ride and the landing experience ;-))


nice picture and a nice flight too! have done it a couple of times also ina B717. It is a little “skittish” when on the ground however I put that down to normally flying heavy metal like the B777 and the little B717 is a lot lighter…

Thanks for the positive comment!! Thought no one would enjoy a little story-telling now ;-))

I like to write out some very brief story-like debriefs right after some flights. In fact, on my Facebook page, I’m doing a world tour project in which I would fly around the world in a month by flying westwards through all the regions IF has to offer. And after every route done, I would do a little debrief and post it on the Facebook page. Kinda enjoy what I’m doing. At least it’s a way for me not only playing a sim but also making life-like records for it.

The below is what this short flight has become on my Facebook:

DAY 07. Hawaii, US
AIRCRAFT: B717-200 Hawaiian

Continued my world tour in the romantic Hawaii region. For this route, I took to the sky the locally based Hawaiian Airlines’ regional aircraft, B717-200, for a short but amazing sunset ride. The flight took only 25min, from the Kona Int'l Airport (PHKO) of the beautiful Kailua-Kona Island to the equally magnificent Kahului Island, and was ended by landing on RWY02 of the Kahului Airport (PHOG)….

This is my second flight in B717-200 and the first with the Hawaiian Airlines. Beautiful livery, though the B717-200's a bit "different" in handling, especially in its taxing and takeoff phrases. Not sure the reason for that. Am I not familiar enough with the airplane's performance profiles, or does the Infinite Flight’s flight model need some further fine tuning? Nonetheless, I did enjoy the ride and the landing experience with this beautiful B717-200 🌴🌴

So, you are used to heavies? I tend to enjoy more of flying anything smaller than B737-900 or A320. Actually, B737-900, C750 and C172 (and now the newly available A320) count more than 95% of my flights. But the B717-200 was so skittish it handles a bit like C172 for me ;-)) Well, need to get acquaintance with it more, I suppose.


Have been following some of your flights. Agree much more fun to fly with a purpose like you are doing. One reason i fly with a VA, also i like to simulate real life routes where i can, much more fun.

I completed a round the world flight simular to yours based on this documentrty on air freight on you tube. http://youtu.be/sh5U-w_9NuI. Completed the trip in a B777F ( my preferred aircraft) starting from London region, New York Region, SoCal, Hawaii, Sydney, singapore with a final flight back ino London.

Happy flying



How was your landing? I find the 717 quite tricky to get that perfect landing.

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Sorry, I’m afraid that I don’t have enough 717 landings to give you an insight ;-)) That said, I do have 90-95% of my flight time (hence landings) just “devoted” to B737-700, C750, C208, C172 and the just released A320, so I didn’t really feel anything special landing the 717.

Again, I might need to do some more landing first, though ;-))

Mind sharing more of your 717-landing experiences? Thanks!!

Glad to know someone out there also shares the similar desire to put life into simulation experiences! Do have a membership with a VA (that’s why I used “FDS727” a lot). With the available A320s, I suddenly found myself missing real world liveries ;-))

Thank you for sharing your world tour in B777F and the inspiring MD-11F. Your tour reminded me that the majority of my real-life flights are in fact in big birds like B747s, B777s and A330s for transpacific trips. The reason for flying in regional jets for the current project, though, is simply that I may stop by more places and also do more TnG along the tour routes. Well, guess I should do another tour with a big bird like you did after the current project. Would be a good way to make me practice more in heavies, too ;-)

BTW, did you make your B777F heavy loaded for the world flight like the MD11-F did? The reason for asking you this is because I normally would make the birds light, such as, no passengers but a few crew only, plus not much cargo goods, etc., so that I could do 1-3 TnG’s without getting burned out… Haha

Happ flying, too


Hi Joeseph,

Well have started doing flights more recently in regionals so starting to see some if the smaller airfields which have some fun approaches. However I find the smaller aircraft are actually trickier to fly then the bigger ones…need more practice !

On my round the world flight I changed the weight and fuel for each leg to add to the realism. One other thing I try to do is start my next flight from the airport I completed my previous flight from. If I want to fly in a different region then I have to do a ’ positioning’ flight. Example last flight was EGBB-EGLL and then I want to fly in the Caribs I would fly out of London , take off EGLL and fly up to cruise height and at edge of region ‘end flight’’. Then would start next flight in Caribs region with same aircraft and say fly Pointe-Piere to Antigua, after allowing for fuel burn for a 10 hr flight!

Happy Contrails

@SirMS, just done another flight in 717, with 2 TnG and 1 full stop. Though still not really sure where your “tricky” comes from, I’ll just focus on what my experiences tell me.

I set up the B717-200 a bit lighter the IF’s “light” setting in weights and then took off. As my most flights are in 737-700, C750 and now A320, I found B717-200’s quite different in its approaching speed. Even though B717-200 is similar to A320 & B737-700 in length, unlike the 130-135kt for its cousins, I would have to fly the approaches at 139-141kt in order to keep the plane from getting out of control in the final phrase. Every time I go under 137kt, the plane would be about to drop on me. And this is the character of 717 I find tricky. Other than that, my 717 experiences seem to be fine, though.

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Now I remember I had read that line before somewhere, the “end flight at the edge and then start from the consequent region” (something like that). So, that was you ;-)) Anyways, it seems we both find fun in making our flights as close to real life as possible, don’t we?

Thank you for these insightful feedbacks! If you plan to do another “real life” flight tour, be sure to tag me. Would be very happy to read your debriefs, etc.


guilty as charged!

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Sorry I too haven’t flown the 717 much recently but I recall it being more difficult to handle and approach than similar planes (eg 737) and I found it difficult to get a “greased” landing.


Even though I have bought IF for about 14 months, I have only been actively flying it for 3 months. A rookie, comparing to you guys ;-) And I just did my first 717 flight after this update. So, no way to judge the possible differences in between the model now and the ones before. Hope you have more and more happy landing experiences with 717, though ;-))

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I’ve been trying hard to master the 717-200. I face these two issues:

  1. During take-off (flaps 5 degrees), when I reach 130 knots and pull up, the aircraft lists to a side and I almost have a wing strike. I don’t know why this happens. But I figured that if I pull up when I reach 110 knots, the take-off is smooth. I could do with some pointers here.

  2. While landing, I manage a decent approach and descent; no problems there. But as soon as I touch down (speed is around 125 knots at touchdown), the aircraft’s nose rises up suddenly almost causing a tail strike.

I’d be glad to get some inputs to improve my 717-200 flights.

I’m not an expert but I’ve been flying the 717 recently and am getting to know it better. Your takeoff speed seems a bit low for flaps 5. I typically use flaps 10-15 (depending on weather and runway length), rotating at around 130-140 knots, and I’ve never had an issue with the plane pitching to one side (in ideal wind conditions).
As for landing, for whatever reason the 717 seems to be rather particular about landing speed. I’m having trouble remembering right now but I usually aim for 130-140 knots with flaps at 30 or 40 degrees. If your speed is much higher or lower than that window, the 717 will give you a rough landing.

Thank you for sharing this. I’ll tweak my speed and flap settings and see how it goes. I guess the more I fly this aircraft the better I’ll get at handling it.

I wish I could fly it. Sadly its model is quite old.