Enjoying 20.1 - Solo Edition

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So whilst almost everyone has been enjoying the 20.1 update with the new aircraft and features, I’m without a sub so having to miss out on the 772 and some features, however I was still able to experience the 737-700, which was free. I also got to test out other features such as the VNAV, APU and utilise the airport diagrams and SID/STARs.

Aircraft and Route Details

Aircraft: B737 (Boeing 737-700)
Airline: Southwest Airlines - Heart Livery
Route: KSJC - KSJC (Planned to do KSJC - KLAX but once I got to cruise I could not be bothered to continue since it was already too late for me)
Flight Time: 40 minutes
Server: N/A (Solo)

Cockpit View of the 737-700, running on APU.

Departed San José Norman Y. Mineta Airport’s Runway 30R.

Cruising (only for like 5 minutes before deciding to turn back, and yes the contrail is just 20.1).

Landing back on RWY 30R at KSJC, with the hills of the Sunol Regional Wilderness in the background.


I also wanted to see the 737 cockpit in the dark (because I like live cockpits in the dark, so here it is.