Enhanced replay mode

Since there’s a new update coming soon with a full flight replay I would like to make this request. From what I understood, it’s not exactly like what we have in solo right now. What I mean by that is that now we can view (only bits but still it’s good) our flight at an accelerated speed. This doesn’t seem to be an option in what’s coming in the update. So for example if someone wants to do a time lapse he has to do it post production and it means he needs to have an extremely long video first which would take an awful lot of memory. (Unless there’s a way to record in a timelapse mode. If so I would be extremely happy if you could send me the link to such an app)

This also opens the possibility to do a timelapse with the scenic cam. As of now it wouldn’t look right as the camera would go around extremely quickly and you won’t see much. With this feature, you can have a 10 hour flight in just a few minutes of nice smooth scenic camera moves. Now that’s great for videos!

Please let me know what you think and if you know of a work around that would also be great!

Timelapse will not be for V1. We are considering it for future versions