Enhanced Logbook

A more complex logbook would compliment Infinite Flight well. This logbook would include items such as:

  • Landing Count (This would include touch and goes.)
  • Accurate Flight Time (Not sure how the current flight time works in the logbook to be honest.)
  • Flight Track (Map of your flight. Integration with LiveFlight maybe?)
  • Livery (What livery were you flying with.)
  • Averages (Average speed, altitude, etc. for your flight.)
  • XP Count for each Landing (Displays how much XP you get per landing.)
  • Violations (How many violations you got in that session.)
  • Penalty (The penalty percentage for your flight.)

I personally, have never used the logbook for anything. With these additions, the logbook would be a lot more appealing for all players.


In addition to the above, an ATC logbook would be cool too, showing information like :

  • Frequency
  • Airport
  • Duration
  • Ops

Whoops. Sorry about that. Not been frequent enough on the forum :)

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It would be nice to sort your hours by aircraft type as well…

I’ve always wondered how much time I’ve spent flying each plane, but sitting there and adding it all up manually takes way too much effort with so many flight entries.

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