Enhanced Autothrottle [Autopilot] (TO/GA, CLIMB, CRUISE, DESC, APPR)

The autothrottle improvements would be even simpler than you think— during climb, airspeed is controlled by pitch, and throttle is set to climb power, which is either constant or increases gradually depending on the aircraft and settings selected.


We desperately need this. I’d actually suggest a full autopilot rework, but autothrottle is by far the worst part of the current autopilot system in IF. It’s unbearably bad.

Autothrottle is far too aggressive, it overreacts to any small influence and regularly exceeds 100% N1. The latter it should just not be allowed to ever do.

This function needs to work much better, I should be able to set an airspeed without the autopilot doing nonsensical things


i really want this feature because i think it would be easier, and maybe, you can pre set speeds during flight