ENGM traffic WOW

Can I just give a huge shoutout to @TimShan05, @VulicityHD, @Jakub_Astary, @Edivan_dcds <<I believe that is the right one. Also to @Benjamin <he was one of the controllers, but I can t find his exact IFC username.

With t he current crisis, pilots have been able to gain more hours and landings. With that, more pilots that haven’t been exposed to all of the instructions that Expert server ATC gives. Especially during an FNF ENGM is crowded. Crowded to the point where there is just a swarm of pilots flying in circles to the north west of the airport.

Thank you so much IFATC controllers controlling at ENGM because you are the reason why pilots can get into this crowded airport on-time and safely with huge levels of Professionalism.
On behave of the entire IFC we thank you!!


thanks a lot! It is crazy crazy!


I mean the good thing is that I get extra hours with my VA so keep the wait:) lol


His @ is @Beniamino

Thanks. To everyone who is landing at a busy airport, if IFATC tells you to expedite, please do it. You are helping other people, the departure queue will move faster and there will be less go arounds.


Ya great gob ATC! It was definitely a packed time and I was Qued up for a while but still made in, on time without much delay! Great job controlling guys

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I remember clearing you

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