ENGM airports

how long need ENGM realese in game?

How long need people to learn patience?


If your airport has not yet made it into the app it could be in one of three stages:

  • Not yet started
  • In progress
  • Completed but not released yet]

As noted below, ENGM is currently is past step 1, however its progress remains to the editor’s discretion. If you wish to apply so you can build other airports you may like, please use the link below:


ENGM Is currently in the process of becoming 3d, you can track the progress here on this topic:

I hope this helps :)

We are working to try and get it finished, but it has been on hold for a bit. We have started editing again now


General Notice to all:

There seems to have been a rise in these ‘Where is my airport XXXX in 3D?’ topics over the past week, and these topics will NOT help speed up the process. They clog up the forum - If you really feel like you must discuss an airport you wish to be in 3D, please feel free to find fellow minded people on the Discord server: Infinite Flight [DO NOT USE THIS TO DM EDITORS WITH YOUR REQUESTS].
Please understand that editing takes up lots of time and effort (megahubs take weeks to do even with multiple hours per week of work), and we do try our best to get them built for the enjoyment of all. Editors are free to choose airports which they are comfortable with, with super-massive airports not being everyone’s piece of cake. Furthermore, if you have an airport or a country which you wish to see more 3D for, do make sure to check out the #scenery-editing category as there may already be a thread for it!
Rant over, Thank you.