England to Netherlands | TBM930

!! The view of North sea is awesome

Today’s flight:
Depart from EGLL
Follow the SID route to BPK
Follow planned route to REDFA
Follow the STAR route from REDFA to SUGOL
Follow approach procedures to land on runway 36R

Approach briefing:
We are heading to EHAM which has field elevation of - 11ft. We planned to fly direct entry to the ILS approach for running 36R, the ILS frequency is 111.95MHZ, and the course is 003°, we are using the Autopilot down to minimums and land manually,
We will descent down to 3000 ft. in order to catch the glidescope

Training server


Skimmed through it a bit, really nice video! I left a like and a sub. ;)

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Thank you 😊😊

There is no sound in the video.

Nice one, we gotta work on your landings tho ;)

Is it me or is there no sound till the end of your flight?

Anyways, cool to see general aviation at Schiphol.

Maybe next time you should try departing from London Biggin Hill or maybe London Luton. It isn’t that realistic flying a TBM out of Heathrow. Great video anyways

Nice but make sure to work on the landings :) no hate tho!!

@Finley_Skaggs yes I realized that after I uploaded it. I should pay more attention while editing.

@if_aviation_greg Definitely I should

@Edivan_dcds there is no sound something went wrong during editing

@AviatorNikola thanks for that info I will depart from London Luton next time

@EVO_G-vlogs_200 I will :)

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