engines turn off or on not appearing in systems

im wondering who can help me out figuring , why on the mcdonell douglas md-11 the systems display is not showing up the engines, plus there is a weird glitch were the grond textures go white out.

Is your internet stable?

Send us a screenshot first then we can have a much better understanding
U might need to scroll down unless it’s something else
It’s hiding from u 😉
For the ground clear cache

Have you made sure you scrolled down on the systems display? It is possible that it is just further down.

For the white ground maybe make sure you have stable internet and if that isnt the case maybe restart the game/phone or clear cache. (I’m not completely sure about this issue about white ground.)


What I’ve seen is some users forget to scroll down under systems and there is usually the button to turn them on there


I have some question for you?

  • What is your device?
  • Is the Internet Stable?
  • Have you clear the cache to see if work?

It’s not an issue with the game and connection

Can you send a picture please

? Replied to the wrong person I think 🤔
@puma30498 is your man

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Lol I did haha sorry about that

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i wll check the scrolling

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just checked , sorry guys did not know, thanks for the help every one, you are all unbeleavably awesome

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Was it the scrolling?

yes it was , and the cache needed a refresh.