Engines sound

I have a question. Why we don’t hear the sounds of starting the second engine after the first? Even on 777.


I hear it quite well. I’d say it depends on your speaker/headphone quality.


No, it doesn’t depend on it. In real life we can hear very strong sound from GE90 two times (because of two engines), but in the sim we hear only one time and it is quietly than in real life.

Real life hearing compared to hearing from two-dimensional sound sources are two very different things.
I clearly hear the second engine starting up, when having the first one running already.


Idle talk 🤦🏻‍♂️

Not quite sure what you mean by that?

I mean that there’s too quiet sound, but I think that it is missing at all.

I don’t think it’s a matter of sound levels. More of an issue with the sounds blending together. This is expected when you “only” have stereo sound.

Doesn’t IF support 5.1 or 7.1 surround?

Nope. There’s no device that we’re used on that does either, except for a few that emulates a virtual surround.

Ah alright, was wondering since some other sims and games support surround on my headphones.

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That requires additional software and a bunch of different things. I know what you mean :)
It’s pretty decent for being applied to two-dimensional outputs like headphones.

It is just a game. I find the sounds to be fine. It takes time for planes to be “redone.” These planes, at least in my opinion are really sound and quality built. Especially the 777. I understand the push for realism but, IF is just a simulator and the devs have worked hard. Give them a break. Not trying to be rude here but what im saying here is to enjoy it some and not be so critical.


I can hear both engines start up just fine on the 777.

Smartphone speakers can get worn out over time, especially if dust gets in.

you can 100% hear both engines start up