Engines required to be off when refueling

now with engine shut down and fuel cosumptions it whould be cool if they add an restriction so you can refuel when engines are on

no when you spawn the engines are off then you can refuel when the engines are on then you cant

He’s saying that you shouldn’t be allowed to adjust fuel till engines are off. Like it says a warning. You cannot changed your weight and balance until your engines are off and parking brake is set on the tarmac.

I already do this, for sake of realism when I’m stopping for fuel, I shut down the engines.


yes i love when someone understand my bad english haha

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No it’s fine, if one person can understand you it’s good enough. :>

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This is actually true and more realistic, you have one of my votes.

Maybe consider voting yourself too?

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It’s actually common practice in remote areas, so you’d take away alot of realism for those flying to more remote areas.

It should just be your practice to make this happen.

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Can’t* ;) Also, I disagree with this, for the reasons @Mags885 explained.

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