Engines On/Off switch


The Option to turn each engine off would take this amazing game to another level. You could have a Button for each engine that powers the engine on and off. I get it’s a lot easier said then done but this could be something for future updates.

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Switch on/off eniges
Algum que é preciso pra ligar os Motores...
Engine Startup/Shutdown Sounds
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This would be realistic.

Best, Boeing707


This certainly would add more realism to the game and take the game to the next level. But this will need a LOT of coding which I think the devs doesn’t have time for, yet. On the positive side we have a few things that we should look forward to on the upcoming updates like the A320 :)


That is true! The A320 will be a big hit! This is just a suggestion for the future that seems a little easier than a new plane/region


yea i think the A320 will be a hit…


I am buying it second it comes out!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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Except the actual game ;) maybe Live?


I don’t think that this feature will ever be added.
Currently the turbines are relatively bad 2D textures. They have to develope 3D ones, which is a lot of work.


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He texture part is easier than most of the features. The coding has already been done so all they would have to do is a just the appearance.


yea Justin i agree


I definitely agree with you


I gotta tell you, I’m very much impressed by how far the developers have come so far. This simulator is just amazing, in my humble opinion. I’ve bought every aspect of it and will continue to buy it.


Would be amazing to hear the engines spool up during pushback & start (engines)! And to hear those engines spool down during shutdown.


I hope they add in the smoke that happens on startup. That would be cool.

Best, Boeing707


I know nothing about coding etc so my comment is pretty much pointless :p but could you not just slowly turn down/up the engine sounds and stop or start the animation for the fan blades? Idk im sure its not that simple


It’s actually pretty easy, just need to turn the engine sound off when you start the game and then bind a button that starts the sound


I agree Dmitrii. I think all you would need is another button that would turn the sound on and off. If you wanted to duplicate the sound of multi-engines starting you could double tap the button for the next engine and put a limit on each plane which wouldn’t let you start more engines than the plane had.


Except it’s maybe not so easy because you’d have to record the sounds and also make the animations for the engines of every plane.