Engines On 777-200 won't start

Hi! When I was flying yesterday with the 777-200ER I notices that you couldn’t start the engines right after you spawn in. I even did my flight planning and pushed back but it wouldn’t start so I just used auto start. If it is related to the APU I had it on for the whole time I was parked and pushing back. Later on When I landed at EGLL, parked, and did a new flight plan I had the APU on for the whole time and the engines started manually from the engines section on the systems. Can someone explain this? Thanks!


I’m pretty sure you have to set the APU to “start” not “on” when you spawn, then wait for maybe 10 - 20 seconds

Main battery on - APU Start - Engines on.

Follow this procedure

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Yes correct. When you input ‘start’ the APU will eventually start and it will show it’s ‘on’.


@Fish I only tried the APU on start for a few seconds so that’s probably the reason.

@Chatta290 Thanks! I will use that the next time I fly.

@AnonymouslyAnonymous Thank you for the information!

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Also, this update significantly increased the time it takes the engines to fully reach “on” mode, at N1 = 19%. It’s a nice feature that was included for realism, but it definitely took me by suprise the first time. Make sure to wait the full amount of time before beginning your taxi.


If you switch APU to start it automatically turns to on after it starts
(just realised some one beat me)

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I noticed that too! I was really happy about it!

Yeap! Thank you for your response though!

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Yup, I had this initial confusion on the first day of 20.1 release as well. I forgot to turn on APU start/on, so that’s why engines didn’t turn on, so starting APU was the solution