Engines not turning after a long haul

Hello, I am soon arriving after 6 hours of flight. And I see that my engines blade aren’t turning. This is the 8th time that I see this. Is it a known issue ? Can’t upload a video, tells me it’s not in the correct format.
EDIT: it’s workinf again when i am descending
Device is a 12.9 IPad Pro running on IOS 10.3.3

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Did you check the memory space on your device

Yes, 80GB remaining so it can’t be that

What plat fourm are you trying to upload to?

I am trying to upload a video from my iPhone to the IF community to show it to you

Upload it to YouTube and unlist it. Then post the link here.

iPhone 7? Or 8? What iPhone do you have?

I am trying to record my screen from my iPhone 7+

Just noticed something, they start turning again when descending.

Good. Does this always happen?

It is, the higher I am the slowest the engines are. At this case (FL430) they’re not turning anymore

That is odd, it should be the opposite. Is your graphics low or high, it could just look pixelated?
If not, the classic is to delete and reinstall.

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Nope, full graphics. I’ll do that thanks

At a certain thrust level, it will look like they’re not spinning. It’s nothing wrong :)

Even at around 75% ?

It’s usually around that thrust. Try it on the ground and you’ll see :)