Engines Not Starting

Hello IFC :)

So I’m trying to start my flight from KSTL - KDEN but it doesn’t seem like my engines want to start up. I am pressing the engine startup botton but none of them are starting. I have restarted the flight once already but it still doesn’t work

Could I have some help please?

Thanks, Cpt_Zorndy

If you press auto-start does it work? Just checking right quick…

I’ll try it now

Yes it does but do you have any reason why it’s only that which works?

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Make sure you have your APU on!

Do you have the APU turned on

APU ST -> MAIN BATT. And then when the APU is ON you start the engines.

Not sure if that’s the correct procedure. But it works.


My APU is on

Do you have the battery on as well?

Yes I do aswell

do you have fuel?

Was it on because you pressed auto-start? or was it on before? @Cpt_Zorndy

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Correct procedure is Main Batt: ON -> APU: Start but long as you make sure to have both on before you start engines you should be good

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I have 19%

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It was on before

Can you tell us exactly what you do before you try and start the engines

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MAIN BATT (on) and then APU ST (start) then I tried it


Hmmm…that should be sufficient - make sure you wait before the APU is actually on rather than starting up before you start the engines.

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It was all the way on


Ok…now I am really perplexed…

Could you send a video perhaps - that may help.