Engines during taxi after landing

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I was wondering what the procedure was for taxiing after landing a 4 engine aircraft such as the A340, A380 and 747. Which engines remain on and when do they turn off, after exitiing the runway or just before reaching the gate?

I believe they remain on until parked at the gate

Usually when taxi into the gate the pilots have 1 running the others are shut up after they land and begin there journey to gate.

So which engine is running when taxiing?

I would just leave engine 1 on and power the rest off the #1 can get you t where you need to go!

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I believe you would leave engines 2 and 3 running (the closer engines to the fuselage) and turn off engines 1 and 4. If I recall correctly, IRL, the outboard engines that overhang taxiways can suck up both small and larger particles such as dirt or gravel. Airliners might also shut them off to save fuel. In Infinite Flight it doesn’t really make a difference though.

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I might be wrong, so if someone would like to correct me, please do :)


I think you are mistaking it fir the thrust reverser son the A380 which are only on the inner engines.

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I would leave them all on until I am at the gate. It helps to provide more power to taxi. IRL, pilots don’t normally turn off the engines until they are at the gate. Then they would turn off all 4 engines at the same time. I have once observed a Lufthansa 454 flight in an A380 (video on Youtube) where the pilots don’t shut down the engines until they are at the gate.


just watch like p3d streamers and youtubers and follow their procedures since theyre usually accurate to some point

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