Engines Cut

I am about 11 hours into my flight to Dubai from Los Angeles, and I logged into another device to do a short landing. My engines/throttle isn’t working, and the top of my screen says “Your account is being used on another device. The throttle will now be cut.” Is there a way to get everything working? This is my first long haul flight and I’m about to crash.

You are not allowed to play IF on the same account on 2 devices at the same time… Whenever you do, the engines are cut and you won’t be able to fly anymore… Sadly you can’t fix this.


R.I.P Emirates 443. Also, I thought you just couldn’t do multiplayer at the same time. I was doing Multiplayer and solo.

As said above: It’s not recommended to use your IF account on two or more devices simultaneously.


Doesn’t matter what mode you’re flying in, if you fly on two devices or more at the same time, your throttle will be cut.

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OK, thanks for the info.

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If you find yourself starting a post with this, it’s best to stop right there. No need to repeat what’s already been said.

Thanks :)