engines cut unexpectedly

(Topic Closed) The problem is [Solved]

Well my fault. Disregard this topic please

Unlucky. At least now you are aware and next time remember to use solo instead!

This is to make sure you can’t do two long hauls at the same time so that you don’t get double exp . If you want to practice landings, do it in solo.

Using your account on multiple devices is against the ToS and not something broken in the game.


Ok well one phone had the 12 hours long haul and the other was in solo practicing landings.

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@Lufthansa2 If you want this topic closed and unlisted, please “flag it” as “something else” and a moderator will review it shortly. We all make mistakes

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Okay my fault. Sorry!

Ya’ll need to calm down, the minute after the post he said he apologized.


That’s when you need to look before you hit send. It’s a really good laugh though thanks