Engines are still moving after turning them off

Hello, I have just finished a flight with a qatari A319 and I have noticed that the engines are still rolling a bit after turning them off, why is that? and how can I stop it because it is not realistic

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This is probably due to wind blowing to make them turn

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Really? the weak wind is moving something weights more than 100 KG?

I have seen engines rolling slightly while parked at a gate before nothing unusual to me


The same here

I have seen this too. The turbines have very little friction associated with the assembly so the lightest breeze can make them spin.


Its just the wind, if its blowing up the tailpipe, it can make the engine turn backwards, you can see this when they start engines, the engine will stop spinning, and start turning the other direction. Some times if the wind is blowing hard enough, those blades can be turning pretty fast!!! That’s why you see the TR’s (thrust Reversers) deployed at the gate some times. It blocks the wind.

JetmechMD80, Airliners.net

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Look, I was at LBSF and the wind was very hard. And when I was waiting at the terminal I saw an Airfrance A319 in the gate and the engines didnt move

Was it facing towards the wind?

The engine fans are heavy, but as Chris said they have little friction, and they are designed to be very efficient at catching the wind. A slight breeze might move the fans if the wind is a headwind or tailwind. If the wind is coming from the side of the aircraft, like a crosswind, it will have little effect on the fans.

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No, the wind came from the right side

There you go, if the wind wasn’t blowing into its engines, it would have no effect and therefore the engines would be still

Listen, the turbins arent moving a bit, it seems like the engine is still working, but a bit slower

That’s normal. Depending on the windspeed, the engines might move faster or slower.

I’d encourage you to go into solo, set the wind so that it’s pointed directly towards the plane, and set the wind to 0 knots, then 5, 10, and up. Make sure to wait a minute for the winds to adjust, and see how the fans react. Judging off of one instance won’t be as accurate as collecting data on a bunch!


I’ve been testing this in solo mode for the past 5 mins and can conclude that it’s caused by wind. I set the weather to a 90kn headwind and my engines turned a lot. After setting the wind to 0kn, the turbines did not turn at all.

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Literally just search videos on youtube of engine windmilling. Totally realistic my dude

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The plane at the gate had a building blocking the wind. Infinite Flight has no gates or buildings, thus nothing to impede the flow of air


You can pretty much spin a jet engine with your pinky finger

it is completely normal for that to happen

Youtube comes up with this beauty. I stood next to a B737 Max 8 at CYYZ on an airport tour on a windy day and the fan blades were windmilling.