Engines A350

I don’t know if there is a specific topic about this.
I don’t know the A350 very well, I flew with it for the fourth time after launch. I fly more with boeing. In the A350, when it starts the takeoff process, it is giving and taking power from the engines below the FL100. This is normal?

What do you mean giving and taking power ?


If you have your autopilot set then it’s normal for your thrust to fluctuate.

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Thrust will fluctuate, as some have said, depending on certain flight parameters such as wind, angle of attack, speed, and altitude. I don’t see how this is different for Boeings and Airbuses though. It should be happening on both.

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Yeah, not 100% sure what you mean but it is normal, in any aircraft, with the autothrust on for the thrust to be going up and doen.

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Yes, pilot on

Okay! Thanks my friend!

Thanks friend!

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