Engine torque prop planes


I would like to see some engine torque on the small prop planes it’s just not right it goes straight when full power is applied with no rudder input


@Swang007 or should this be classified as a bug?


Not a bug - keep it as a feature. It’s something for the devs to implement increase realism. Good suggestion


If it was a bug, then it would be an already added feature that is malfunctioning


@Boeing707 I was more referring it as a bug due to the fact all other aerodynamics have been accounted for (over sight how about that ) :)


“Torque”. A verb with many uses. For example; Some people’s children on this Forum “Torque” my jaw every time I open valid suggestion topic that get pan’ed by a passing stranger with nothing better to do but get a point added to the Forum post counter. Oh my… I did it again, sorry I was bored. Max