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Hi everyone. After reading the IF Section in FlightSim magazine. I read that the temperatures affected the engine performance in IF. I just tested it and it’s true. I just wondered if people knew this and I wasn’t aware, or if this is a lesser known thing - just curious! :)

  • Yes, I knew - why you so stupid? :)
  • No I didn’t know

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Edit: I knew it affected it in real life, just not in IF.


Turns out so far that I’m just stupid!

Lol I honestly had no idea 😂😂

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I know it has an effect in real life, didn’t know it did in IF.


Yes, I did know this, but you’re not stupid. Engines perform their best in colder temperatures if I recall correctly. ;)


Yup, knew that - generate more lift with better performance in colder conditions, providing they don’t get iced up!


This is the reason why the Concorde was able to fly higher closer to the equator.


That’s why There are some Airports in Hot areas (India) that They are 10k ft long


How does it get effected?
Like the hotter it is the more powe output or something?

Colder the more power. The colder air gets, the denser it gets. Dense air provides more power than thin air.


I had heard this before, but I’m not about to click the box that calls you stupid, lol.

Didn’t know that! I’m impressed.

Now I know. Before I didn’t.

Speaking of engine temperatures, this is something I’d like to see in IF (EGT, core temp) along with engine shutdown at will.

Just imagine how hot these things would get the way some people fly (104-120% N1 all the time)


MaxSez: Wanna prove it fly Aspin (KASE) on a hot summer day in a 172.

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