Engine surges

Why do engines sometimes have a sudden increase in power before powering down in IF? I am just curious. Is it something to do with air intake?

Could you post a video of this happening? I tried experimenting with it myself and noticed no increase in power upon shutting the engines down.

I have never experienced this.
Would love to see a little video of this happening to you.

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I can’t as it happens randomly. It happened on my flight KLAX-LIRF. It lasted only 5 seconds then went back to normal. It causes no real issues. It has only happened twice in the last 10 flights I have had only lasting seconds. I am using the 789.

Have you been using the AP to speed change? It usually bumps up N1 to above 100% if you increase the speed to far.

Is the throttle at full idle? And does the N1 actually rise or does it just sound like the engines are increasing in power?

I am just going mach 0.84 at FL320 with a headwind of 22 knots.

Throttle is at 66%. It briefly went to 85% for 1 second then went back down. That was the surge. The total time it lasts is around 5 seconds.

This has always happened to me, since the beginning of me using IF 4 years ago. For me it seems like the app is “refreshing” if that makes sense. The visibility and wind will change slightly. The engines will increase power about 25% but only for a fraction of a second.

But this doesn’t happen to me every flight. Usually a few times a week. Never twice in one day

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It happens all the time in gusts and turbulence because the autopilot has a panic attack :P

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