Engine Startup/Shutdown Sounds

Engine startup sounds would be great upon pushback or turning seatbelt sign on and shutdown sounds when turning the seatbelt sign off. An example of startup is shown below on a Boeing 777. Hear the startup sound from 2:25.

Another example of startup below is shown on an Airbus A321. Hear the startup sound from around 0:10.

An example of shutdown is below.

Maybe this could also be incorporated if an engine on/off button is added.


Very nice thought. You have a good point, making a proper startup button could make the whole game twice as realistic. Even on pushback.


Yeah, I think this goes with this topic. Unless the startup sound is added without the button where putting the throttle up for the first time/on pushback makes the sound.

It could be merged but I think he is directing it to the sound.

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Maybe this one?

That’s for engines, your requesting aircraft startup.


Aren’t they the same thing?

You have a point, but I’m not sure…

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Maybe the APU makes a sound upon startup? But anyway, APU and engine startup sounds would be great.

I´d definitely like to hear the engine start-up sound.


I love to hear this in Real Life when I’m on a plane !

This will be so good in IF !


One image per request.
@MishaCamp does that also go for videos?

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I don’t think the YouTube links take up any storage so it should be fine.


Whats that sound when the a321 starts? Not the engine but those screeching sounds. I always hear those on planes and I never know what it is.

I think that’s the hydraulics getting ready for the flight. Or maybe it’s something like the flaps moving, or the pushback tug moving the wheel.


Why don’t we also make a fully fledged Mobile Flight Sim whIle we’re at it?

This is just an idea. The ‘screechy sound’ was just a question, were not asking for that to be added.

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For me this would be as great as global flight. But if I had to choose, I’d no doubt pick the engine Start and stop option!
I dont want dozens of liveries, but powering up my engine would be soooo great!

Ps : air brakes for Fighters would be great also :)

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Realism is what makes IF attractive but it still has a long journey to go. This is one of the things it lacks and other features such as wing flex.