Engine start help

How do i start an engine with a joystick?

I have a button assigned, but when ever i press the button the engine wont start

Can any one help?

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i am using a Logitech extreme 3d pro

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This belongs in the section Thirdparty. And you should check if there is anything wrong with your Joystick.

ok. There isnt anything wrong. I bought it brand new

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hmm It might be an In game problem. Is all of the other buttons working?

yes, all other buttons are working, but i cant get a button to work with engine start

Err @schyllberg we need your help!

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Until we can fix it, can’t you just do it by hand, without the joystick?

What aircraft are you trying this with?
What are you using to connect your joystick to IF?

Is it a problem the button? Try assigning that button to other controls.

i tried it with all of the aircraft it didnt work for any of them

live flight connect

it is not a problem with the button because i did try other buttons

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