Engine Start and Pushback

We all know that Engine Start is confirmed, But the question arises will we be able to pushback with the engines off?? Or will we have to start engines at the gate and then pushback??
In Reality the Engines are not started at the gate because there are ground personnel and Objects which could be sucked into the engine so to avoid that the plane is first pushed back and then the engines are started.

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Well I think the latter is pretty clear…


This isn’t really a #features topic. I think it’s more of a #general topic because you’re asking a question about the game. If you are requesting the feature, then ignore this :)

There is no point posting this…? Engine start is coming with global. We already have pushback.

There is no point speculating about it, although common sense would dictate that in the global release there will be a simple engine start button. You can press it when you want. Why speculate or assume that you have to ‘start the engines’ prior to pushback?


You all need to stop speculating! Read the threads and check the social media pages. Speculation get us nowhere.