Engine Start and Individual Control - Steering System - Spoiler Adjustment


I know these ideas have been mentioned already so I do apologize for that, but I would love to see the idea of a engine start/shutdown system fully functioal or IF. Also with this, individual Thrust contol over individual engines. It would make for interesting situations. I now the hardest thing will be re working the physics engine to handle the different charateristics with adjusting engines. Also some planes turning circles are not that great and it would be fantastic if some of theses can be reworked for taxi and takeoff. When Aircraft need to slow down or make rapid decents, spoilers in flight mode sometimes arent enough, particulary with larger aircraft. (Very Noticable in the 777’s) Another great thing to consider adding is the angle of the spoilers in flight to adjust their overall effect. I am really interested to see peoples opinions on all these topics!


Throttle for each engine so you can kill one engine

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Roll spoilers would be awesome…
(Currently featured only on the Cessna Caravan)


Id like to see that come into IF as well it would make it really realistic


I did mention about engine start up initiators and controls. I think it’s something that is definitely needed, however their argument is that it would be incredibly time consuming and difficult to implement; understandable however. I trust it will be in the game as soon as they can but isn’t their top priority as I gather.


Definitely have but not many even show up


engine off and on function and also it would be nice that all planes had the approach button unlike the BBJ


There working on that i belive


Yes I really do like the idea of seperate engine controls and adjustable flight spoilers. Lets hope we see this soon.


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