Engine sounds

Why we don’t hear the sounds of starting the second engine after the first? Even on 777.
Can you say when exactly engine sound start? On 1 and 2.

And here’s video from real life how GE90 starts (even we can hear the second engine) - 【至近距離】GE90-115B エンジンスタート B777-300ER - YouTube

Maybe we can hear in IF these sounds, but they are too quite, very very quite. In real life we can hear GE90 very well.

Haven’t you already made a topic about this?

As said in your other topic, it’s heard quite clearly. It was also explained why you might experience it not being heard as you’re expecting in that same topic.


I definitely hear it when I play

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same i heard it too, not AS loud as the first engine but you can hear it…

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It’s too queit…

I started engine 1 and then engine 2 and i can hear it start on my IF

Which is perfectly normal considering there’s already one engine running, drowning part of the sound from the second one starting.


In real life it’s very loud, why developers can’t add volume of sound?

In my case, if I can hear that sound when I start the second engine after starting engine one, I use a sound equipment with two speakers which makes you hear that sound that you are trying to hear. With the device’s speaker it is somewhat difficult to hear it, but it is possible to do so.

At this point you sound like a petulant child. I also can hear the start up sounds just fine for both. Perhaps it’s time to take a step back from the keyboard.


I also use AirPods when I do flights so I think the audibility of the sound depends on if you are using headphones during your flight

If you dont have clever answer - just be silent.

There’s been multiple answers on this, and most seems to be in agreement that the sounds are as expected. Case closed for now.