Engine sounds

Yea I have a question about engine sounds.

Yes yes, I know you’ll tell me to vote for it.

How come the Aircraft design team were able to add New Sounds to the 777 Reworks, but haven’t added them to the others. It’s possible. It was possible with the 777, So how is it not possible with the others. I get it. Sounds are sounds, Time takes time. So please tell me, Do you think the same about how it was possible to add new sounds to the 777-200er and how it hasn’t been added to the other aircraft. Not the same sound. Something realistic. I think this because the 772 had the same shreak sound of the classic I.F engine then they changed it to something everybody LOVED!



Getting engine sounds is very long, tedious, and expensive.

They have to professionally record or get a good recording for an engine in a bunch of scenarios, whether it be inside, outside, from far, close, etc.

Them getting the 777 sound had a lot of work that went into it. If they did that for every single plane at once, updates would come very slow.

Just be patient with the developers. They are doing a fabulous job.


It is possible I’m sure they will when they rework the Aircraft but right now they are focused on reworking all the Aircraft.

@Drummer said it very well.


Not if they stick Jason behind the plane. 😝

There are so many logistical problems with this 😂

I think there’s a picture of @schyllberg recording the sound of a 172. 👀

Correct me if I’m wrong. 😝

Found it! Not sure if it’s him tho 😝



Well considering Seb has a lot of hair, I’m gonna say that’s not him

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I believe it’s Jason.

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It’s neither. This predates both me & Jason.

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