Engine sounds?

So why does Xcub and 172 sound sane. Surely they have different engines. Was flying xcub around BHX today doing steep turns and aerobatics. Is this to save money or to save time getting xcub sound?


The sound of the engine of the C172 IRL is very similar to the XCub IRL.

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The Xcubs introduction included Xcub engine sounds.

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They’re both Lycoming IO-360 engines. They should sound the same. You can find this information online by looking at aircraft specifications.


They sound the same because they literally are powered by the same engine.

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Looking on google, it says carbon Cub and top cub sound same as 172. Not xcub

There you go. You answered your own question. 🙂


We don’t have the Carbon Cub or Top Cub. We have the XCub.

But carbon, top and xcub are all different aircrafts.

True, with similar engines.


Similar but not the same. What is similar exaclty. The fuel pistons or what? Is this a google question?

But xcub engine must be smaller and lighter due to xcub being very light compared to 172

Look at it this way, if you look up videos of the TBM and the PC12 engines, do they sound the same? You’ll find that they do. Different aircraft using the similar if not the same engine. Just different applications.

The same is true for the CubCrafters fleet and the Cessna 172.

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Ok, but they aren’t the same. You call them ‘similar’

So, infinite flight are not 100% accurate with engine sound but it ‘sounds the same’ so it’s fairly accurate

Bro, they are the same Lycoming IO-360 engines…

They are. I’ll prove you wrong. One sec. lol. I have to grab some screenshots because you can’t do the research.


I can do the research. Is that meant to be rude?!

I found this though

XCub Engine:


Cessna Skyhawk:


As you’ll see they’re both Lycoming 360 engines. Don’t read the first result that Google tells you. You need to go to the manufacturers website and scroll to find this information.



Can be closed. They’re both the similar but not same


My conclusion and personal opinion