Engine Sounds Reversed

After installing this new update on my iPhone6, I immediately started a test flight with the DC-10 in solo mode. I noticed that the engine sounds seem to be coming from the wrong side of the engines (or at least not the same as they were before the update). The wind whistling sound is now coming from the front of the engines (can now hear when facing the front of the aircraft), and the engine higher pitched humming sound is coming from the back of the engines. Same thing happened with the other new variants and all other commercial jets. Is this on purpose or are the sounds mixed up?

iPhone 6
iOS 11.2
Live and Solo flights
All commercial aircraft
All liveries

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This is most likely corrupt files, I suggest Reinstalling the app and restarting the device.

This is happening to me too. The sounds are reversed.

Ok I will try. Hopefully that will fix it.

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Here is a video.


Able to reproduce. Reinstall doesn’t resolve the issue.

iPhone X
iOS 11.2


Yeah reinstall didn’t work for me either


For the sake of keeping these issues tracked properly can you repost your issue and device info in the following format on this thread? Use the attached thread as an example of how to post your info on this topic.

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Experiencing the same issue over here as well, and as @DeerCrusher said, a reinstall along with a device restart didn’t solve the issue.

Aircraft tested that are experiencing the issue:
KC-10 Tanker

Device info:
iPhone 7+
iOS 11.2

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Experiencing this on the 737-900 too…


Done. Hope that helps

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I have the same issue with the DC-10.

Device Info:
iPhone 8+
iOS 11.1


Thank you. We have confirmed this bug.


Same reverse sound Issue, I’m on iPad5. Does this affect only iOS users? Do Android pilots have it aswell?

Interesting… That does sound pretty weird although I am yet to experience it for myself

I thought so aswell! The buzz of the engines can be heard at the back rather than the front, and the swishy air sound at the front

The sound isn’t off, the jetblast sound now comes from the front instead of the rear 😄


I’m on an Android, and yeah, the sound is the same; reversed.


I would guess that certain code is broken. You would have to wait for a updates

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Was this fixed with the hotfix?