Engine Sounds in Infinite Flight

How important is the audio experience to you in Infinite Flight?

At the risk of starting a minor argument, please limit replies to straightforward dialogue and respectful expression of opinion. I for one am very curious as to the general feeling among the community regarding aircraft sounds in Infinite Flight.

As everyone is likely aware at this point, there are fairly “standard” jet engine sounds for most of the Infinite Flight aircraft fleet, with the exception of the 777 and 757, which have their distinct sound packages. GA aircraft have, as far as I am aware, a C172 sound pack and a turboprop soundpack depending on aircraft type.

The discussion relates to those previous requests regarding A220 sounds, as well as sounds on the new F/A-18. I see fairly consistent inquiries regarding new sound packs, and whether these will become the norm. Hence this topic:

// What is your approach to sound in Infinite Flight? //

Personally, I fly muted all the time. I am not really interested in listening to the same repetitive engine noise for hours on end while I’m flying! (Before someone points it out, I read off ATC as written commands. If I do happen to listen to ATC, it’s low volume from the cockpit so engine noises are still faint). As such, I really don’t mind much if engine sounds are addressed or not in app. I think that since the visual aspect is that much more integral to the experience, diverse engine sounds can continue to take a back seat in development. But perhaps that’s not the prevailing preference.

Would be interested to hear your responses below, regardless of where you fall on this topic. Thanks!


You are correct Rock77, The engine sounds on this game are not unique. I sometimes feel like im flying a boeing rather than sitting in a A320 (thats just me personally)
However, Im sure the dev’s and staff are well aware with this issue, although, the only problem would be obtaining or creating the sounds, id like to also hear about how do you think they could get unqiue engine sounds? - What are some ways to get a planes sound both inside and out?.
Hopefully there are better sound packs in the upcoming updates :)

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As a student majoring in film, audio has a 50% influence on interest. I’m sure the game is also similar to this, moreover the game is more than just an audio-visual that is not only watched, but also played and experienced, especially this infinite flight.

Yes, I’m also like this when I play Infinite Flight. If when I want to land at an airport that has active ATC, is crowded and especially the approach controller is tight, I will use earphones and listen to the instructions. None other than the plane that has been reworked and the sound of the engine is also adjusted to the original sound.

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I personally don’t really care about sounds. Sure, it is nice to have the engine sounds of the actual aircraft, but it’s not something that’s going to be a deal-breaker for me as to whether or not I’m going to keep paying €89,- for a subscription.

One thing I do care about is the matching of the sounds in terms of turboprop or jet engine. I wouldn’t want to be flying in a B737 with TBM sounds…


Well, my opinion on this is that different sounds are a must have, sometimes if I fly an a320 it gets more like the b737 feeling because of the mighty engine roar. The sounds are very important to me, it gives just that bit of immersion. Because those details make it like that.

For example the a220 sounds, they’re known for their whale sounds. But these are unique to that aircraft so I find it logical to add it. I’m happy tho they will add it in the future.

But I like how the a330 got an b777 sound. As long as not only one plane got an unique sound.

In short, for the very unique aircraft sounds they should have a sound replacement.
Aircrafts like the a350 could perfectly get the b777 sounds.

Edit: infinite flight is still a simulation with the goal to make it as realistic as possible.

D. :)


That is true, but you need to know that infinite flight always in development with other important things. I think this is one of the last things that they would edit.

Thanks for the opinions everyone. Seems like there is some desire for sounds where possible but it is a smaller component of the experience overall and that’s reflected in your comments. About where I am on the issue — could be nice to have in some respects (unique engine sounds, etc) but not a dealbreaker and not the highest development priority by any means.

Just was interested in hearing about this some from other players so thanks for that!

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As long as I get to fly a plane on Infinite Flight, I am happy! :)

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I think sounds are an important feature for new aircraft. Part of the great thing about airplanes is there unique sounds. So when I fly in IF, hearing the A350 sound the same as a 737 is kind of jarring. It’s not going to be detrimental to my experience, but we have seen how good the quality of the newer sounds are so it is something that I feel like should be the standard for new aircraft.

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Actually, I do understand that realistic engine sound is important on different types of aircraft, but honestly having a generic sound on a let’s say a330 or a350 doesn’t mind me, because I rarely have sound when I’m cruising, mostly when I’m taking off and landing which is a small part of a flight.

Well here is a suggestion if you don’t want engine sounds or anything like that and just ATC go to Audio and turn SFX audio down and ATC up

Also it’s not just the engine noises. The Boeing GPWS callouts in an Airbus aircraft just doesn’t feel right.

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I find it interesting you shut off the sounds.
But thats your preference. I keep my ATC and the general sounds turned way down to around 25% in the game settings and my tablet at 50%.

The sounds to me are important for realism and sim immersion. Funny you brought this up, as I was just reading a comment elsewhere that 737 cockpits are very noisy.

Back to realism, I’ll get my hate messages now lol
since I’m not in the shoes of the developer but that said the default jet sound pack is horrible !
All of it , flaps and exterior engine sounds alike.

At least get the default better. The 757 and 777 sounds are better. (Same flaps though)

Its easy for me to critique since I’m not the one doing the work and expense. But

If we could get better engine sounds, flaps , gear up and AP disconnect / Alt chime it would be a huge leap forward. ( yes i have IFA and IF Pass.)
Shouldn’t need to a 3rd party app for the basic stuff.

I hope we will see the A220 specific sounds including that weird spooling up moan !

As for ATC chatter I keep it low and switch off frequency as much as appropriate.

RAAS from what I know is a customer option with Boeing with a basic warning pack and then a more expanded warning pack. This is used by more operators now and I use some through IFA.

Good sounds I believe are important. You can have great looking AC and crap sounds and it kills it.

thanks for bringing the subject up !


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Thanks for the additional perspectives! See where I was sort of going with this train of thought was how critical it was to the sim experience. Obviously sounds increase realism which is a plus. However, with the mobile environment, we’ve heard how development time and device resources are major constraints.

Extrapolating from this discussion, it sounds like the majority of comments put sounds as a “nice to have”. I’m therefore thinking that, for example, it would be nicer to have developmental time and budget spent on say the procurement of greater-resolution imagery (visual experience) than to sound packages (auditory experience). Both are time consuming and very expensive per my understanding. So I just wanted to gauge the feeling of the community through a lens of that nature.

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All aspects , I believe are important. Each area of the game compliments the others.

Great looking AC and physics are greatly diminished in playability with low grade sounds and visa versa. So much emphasis in the visual and operational/flyablity of the new AC we have and then the sound pack sounds like a simple arcade style game to exaggerate to make the point.

The most important object in a flight sim is the aircraft itself. If its bad the game is bad.

ATC , airports and terrain create the flying environment but the realism of the aircraft is key
since thats what we operate and fly in the virtual world. The developers know this and its as important as any other aspect they are working on

The exception to that is Project Metal , because that expands and open up IF to new options.

To me, audio is very important. I always fly with the sound on, and I expect that engine sounds are realistic and unique to each aircraft. While B777’s engines have been reworked, I think they still don’t represent the real sound completely. What I mean is the loud whirring that starts in 3:07 here:

Hey, in the timeline, if you scroll down a bit you’ll find info about engine sounds

They need to be upgraded .

Input/output devices matter (microphone at the time of the recording being input, output being your device/headphones etc)

The sounds on the 777 in Infinite Flight are from a real life 777 equipped with the GE90. We literally can’t make it any more “real” :)


Yes , they are excellent !.