Engine sound cutting out

I have made a topic about this the first time it happened, but now it is the fourth time in November that, for some reason, the engine. sounds on my aircraft just cut out. I can still hear ATC/Unicom and I can also hear other iPad sounds. The last time this happened to me was two days ago. I’m beginning to think this may be a bug. Now, I know that to fix it I can just restart the app, but then. my flight is lost. Is this a bug or is there a permanent fix to this?

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It’s a bug that we’re aware of :)

Most of the time it happens, it’s due to poking around with the audio controls and/or changing audio output. But it’s being looked into.


When this happens its usually when i play music and then stop it i would hear ATC only i restart my app when im on the ground only i know that might not be an option for u mid flight tho

At night I set graphics to the lowest possible setting and then mute my audio, would this be the cause?

The audio mute could be a reason. We’re not 100% sure what the cause is here.

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Im not an expert at this but higly doubt graphics has anything to do with it

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Thanks everyone!