Engine sound cut off mid flight

I am currently doing a flight from Dubai to Seattle it is overnight so I kept the sound off and brightness low etc and I went to sleep
I woke I was still flying and then I turned up the sound I went to sleep again until i noticed there was no sound I got really scared since I thought my flight ended but It didn’t
So I decided to try if my actual like device sound was working so I tried the ringtone slider and I heard it
I also tried if my ATC sound was working and that too is working
but my engine sound isn’t
I tried:

  • Quickly exiting and opening the app
  • mess around with the sfx volume and actual volume
  • mess around with opening the menu and back into the game

I am here in the forum since this happened to me before but I got my sound back. Maybe since I was asleep it was probably gone for a while (is time a factor)
Is there any other fix that I don’t know about
Also if there isn’t it’s fine I’ll continue with no sound as I’m nearing the end of my flight
(let’s say I finished the flight will the sound still register or there will be no sound from where it started)

Device: Samsung a33 5g
Operating system: Android 13

Please see this, ATC/Sound lost is something devs are aware of.


Thank you but I’m not on ios and my ATC voice is working it’s ok ill continue with no sound this is just for anything else I haven’t
Thanks for your help

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