Engine shutoff

yesterday when starting a flight both my engine just shut off on the ground. without thinking much about it I restarted them and continued with the flight. today a few minutes ago the same thing happened only this time I was 37 thousand feet in the air. no accidental clicks just engine shutoff and no clue about it. I’m not out of fuel and nothing else could have caused this. I believe this is a bug. can anyone from @Modrators help


Just wanting to confirm a few things:

  • You don’t have any background apps such as Infinite Flight Passengers with their emergency feature running in the background?

  • You are not attempting to fly on the same account on two separate devices?

  • You are not trying to fly out of region if you do not hold a pro subscription to access global?


None of those things

Did they get reduced to idle or did they shut down

just shut down

When the turning engine on feature was added to IF a common mistake I had was having too little fuel so they would shut down right after startup. Maybe check your fuel level?

this happened in the air and after the shutdown, I was able to continue the flight. same thing on ground I had just loaded up with a lot of fuel so no way this could have been the reason

Wow that’s a strange problem…
Your engines just shutoff mid air without any warning?

yes i thought the as weird too

You do have enough fuel too correct?

correct i have and had enough fuel

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