Engine Shutdown for no reason (single or duel)

Hiya. Just a quick one.

Is anyone else having an issue with their No. 1 engine shutting off for no reason after departure and it not starting back up?

It’s happened to me in the A220 and A321

And before that the E190 had duel engine loss on climb.

No sure why keeps happening just wondered if anyone else experiencing this!?

Sounds silly…but do you have fuel?

Yep. I have fuel.

Can you share one of the replays where this happens?

Affirm. Can try.

The only reason I’ve every seen this is with Infinite passengers, you can have an engine failure after takeoff. Do you have infinite passengers?

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However I don’t have emergencies enabled and I also wasn’t using it for the flights where my engine shuts down.

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How many times has this occurred? And it’s only on the A220 and A321?


Once in the E190 (duel engine failure at 2200Ft)

A321 at FL0181 (18,100Ft)

A220 at 3400Ft

This is extremely odd.

You don’t have emergencies enabled in IF passengers so that can’t be it.

The only reason in the stand-alone Infinite Flight app for the engines shutting down after takeoff is no fuel…so…hmmmm…

All flight had fuel.

And if u don’t have fuel both engines shut down
Not just No. 1

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Can you share one of the replays…

Use this website and follow the instructions:

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