Engine Rolling Back?

Hello everyone, after takeoff in the 777-300 I had noticed that I felt a little lopsided at first but I thought it might have just been the wind. After about a minute I checked the engines and Engine 1 was red and was at 1%. I was just wondering if this has happened to anyone before?

You might have accidentally hit the engine start/shutdown button twice when starting the engines, happened to me once.


Or simply forgotten to turn it on like me lol
never happened to me


Or forgot to set fuel and ran out of it

No I’m sure I started them both.

I had enough fuel for 8 hours lol

This happened to me once as well. I wasn’t able to restart the engine, so I diverted and tried restarting on the ground. It restarted after playing with the fuel

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Are you sure it was not 8 seconds?

I’m absolutely sure lol. I had planned a KSEA-KMEM

Did you feel OK while taxiing, engine wise?

Yeah it felt fine. Smooth taxi to the holding point

I mean it can feel pretty normal till you go to takeoff or fly. That’s what happened when I took off with one engine on an A380… 😂


As @Aviator_Airbus suggested, maybe you accidentally pressed the button somehow?

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No, I just tried to be all realistic with the one eingen taxi, and I realized when I was at the other end of the runway only going 100kts… 😂


Yeah, this is probaly what happened. As soon as I pitched up I started to turn and it felt pretty sluggish.


There is no such thing as a 1 engine taxi in an A380 😂

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Ya, I know, I got that wrong too. This was in my eirly days of actualy trying to fly properly, before I had you guys to keep me in line…


Would low fuel not kill both engines?

Well at least 0kg in if, one time I may have Forgot to put required amount of fuel so when it reaches 0 it killed both engines

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