Engine Rollback Sound Effect with Low Fuel Shutdown Sync

The Sound Effect

Engine start/stop is finally here. Except, turning off the jet engine in an airliner or the airliner running out of fuel does not act like a car engine being shut off where the noise just stops at once. There is a very distinct and recognisable rollback sound. Engine starts up with sound effects, surely engine shutdown sound effects can be added now too!

An example of the rollback sound can be heard when the aircraft hits the birds in this clip from the 2016 film “Sully”:

The Fuel Starvation Characteristics

Usually, when a plane runs out of fuel, thanks to the plumbing inside the plane, the engines don’t both shut down at once. One will shutdown, then the other.

It would be a nice, small simulation brownie point if it were to be added.

This obviously only applies to muliengine aircraft.

This would be cool, however I don’t think it would be necessary. It would make the aircraft sounds more realistic


I’d love it, I love how you included the Sully scene to describe it 👌🏼